Created with graphite pencil, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, gold paint pen, gold string, baby blue string, and sharpie

This is the fifth piece in a series for a portfolio. I chose two soccer players in my grade that represent the sport at its finest. While I still wanted to create similarities to the actual subjects for the study, it was at this point that I attained a desire to branch out from perfecting the rendering of human forms and to access a deeper creativity. Rather than allowing the watercolor to surround the focus of the piece, the watercolor became a part of the actual human, while the gold string began to wrap around the figures as opposed to just lying across the tops of them. Cross-hatching and stitching were utilized in order to evoke movement and instill a pattern. My hope is to continue evolving the study in such a way that familiar tactics are branched out from.

Completed the 9th of January, 2017


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