Climate Change


Created with watercolor, acrylic paint, gold paint pen, Bristol paper, gloss medium, graphite pencil, and sharpie.

This piece was created for a future gallery event hosted by myself and a friend. While the piece expresses my personal view on environmental issues, it is not meant to stir political controversy but rather to send a message that regardless of beliefs, the earth’s preservation is important.

Warning: Quick personal rant on personal views!

A common misconception is that climate change and global warming are the same thing. Here is the difference: global warming suggests that the earth is only getting warmer. Climate change suggests that due to the earth’s natural cycle, it is normal for the earth to go through warmer and colder patches. However, the significance of the warmth the world is currently in is that the data spiked significantly in recent years: more than it ever has. This does not imply the world is ONLY getting warmer, but rather that for whatever reason the earth’s temperature has spiked. Whether one believes that this is caused to man made fuels, the natural cycle of the earth, unknown factors, or does not exist at all, I think that immediate action needs to be taken because minority countries are being affected right now. Climate change is backed up by NASA, National Geographic, and the New York Times. It is also backed up by nameless smaller organization such as Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists, Idle no More, Sierra Club,, and more. The point I am trying to make is that regardless if you believe it is real: why not take action? Why not be safe as opposed to sorry? Rain patterns, forest fires, ocean levels rising, starvation, and drought are the most prominent problems facing places such as Karamoja already. That is why I created this piece of art, because the reality is that countries impoverished due to lack of livestock and rain need the rest of the world’s help. We need to raise awareness, not to the debate on climate change, but to the earth’s preservation. This is and will become an even more drastic issue for the rest of the world. We cannot keep debating this topic when there are people are already suffering. Both sides have too much evidence, and also too much lack of evidence. There is no need to form a solidified opinion when taking action is as simple as taking care of our world.

A simple video that quickly addresses climate change through factual evidence…

I am no scientist, but one does not need to be a scientist to conclude that taking care of our earth is important, climate change or not.

Completed the 27th of January, 2017


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